The Path Awakening



The Path to Awakening

Recognizing Your Soul’s Voice.

September 16th, 7PM-9PM



Join in this magical evening to embark on the path of the seeker and learn to connect more deeply with your soul’s voice.


Through guided meditation, shared discussion and the reading of channeled spiritual poetry, you will explore the ways in which your soul reaches out to your conscious self.  Learn to recognize its voice as it gently calls you to awaken and live from the perspective of your true essence.


Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or have been a seeker on the spiritual path for a while, you are invited to come with an open heart and connect with the gift of healing and wisdom residing now in your soul.



Isabel Martin-Ventura is an intuitive, certified Life Coach and Energy Practitioner. Her channeled written works include Wisdom to Consider, a compilation of 52 messages speaking to the human condition and its connection to the Divine and over 350 spiritually inspired poems. She has been deeply moved by the power, beauty and wisdom behind the information she receives and believes that it has the ability to touch the soul in a transformational manner.