Seance Under the Full Moon ~ Contact Your Loved Ones in Spirit


Join Joe Giaquinto, Psychic-Medium and Paranormal Researcher, as he conducts a beautiful spiritual message circle in a classical 1800s seance style format to help participants in the group receive messages from their loved ones in spirit.

Joe will begin the event with a short guided meditation and then open up sacred space.

During this exciting and interactive event, Joe will lead the message circle and channel information as he receives it. Participants will be invited to ask questions of the spirits and can also pass along any messages they receive for other participants at the table.

While there is no guarantee everyone will receive a message, Joe has had great success in making connections for people at past events.

Event is rain or shine. If the weather during the evening is nice, we will hold this event outdoors by the lake. Lake Ronkonkoma is a very historic and spiritual place and the Beach Club is situated right on the lake.

$35 with advance reservation, $40 at the door


Call (516) 924-1399 or (631) 834-7819


SOUL ACTIVATION: Sound Healing & Journeying With David Young


Saturday  May 20, 2017  1:00pm – 3:00pm

Tickets: $25 (early bird) $35 day of

EVERYONE WILL HAVE AN EXPERIENCE- either with an Ascended Master, an Arch Angel, a past life experience, an out of body experience in the inner light or with one of their loved ones already in Heaven.

David Young is a twice Grammy Nominated musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a healer, channel, writer of three books, artist and it is said that more people have had out of body experiences while listening to his music than other musician alive today.

Link to 1:00 event video:

Whether people have been meditating a short time or for thirty years, attendees consistently say they’ve had the most profound, spiritual experience of their entire life, such as Marie Diamond, Fung Shui Master and speaker in the movie, “The Secret” who came on stage after one of David’s performances and announced this.

Barbara Hardie, writer of the book, “Creating Heaven on Earth”, well respected medium and angel channel from MA who has been meditating for 25 years had a healing at her first event and shared that she had “the most high vibrational, spiritual experience of her life” at her second event. She has been to four events now and each one brought her to a higher level than she ever thought possible.

David has done over 100 Soul Activation workshops this year, traveling to three or four cities each week. For the past two months, AT EVERY EVENT, people have consistently shared their experiences with either Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, as well as Edgar Cayce, Gandhi, George Harrison, John Lennon, Ravi Shankar, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Although each experience is unique, many share that these great teachers have told them we are all One and we are equal and there is no need for the pedestals that mankind has put them on.

David’s wife Dawn has had nine experiences with Kali, the Goddess seen with six arms.

Three people at one event saw Jesus standing in the exact same place in the room and he gave each of them the same inner symbols.

On separate evenings two people had the exact same experience with Buddha who brought them to this gigantic tree (The Tree of Life) that was so tremendous it was beyond their description of words.

It is a privilege and sheer pleasure for David to share his music and this energy with the community.

Contact Ellen at 516-924-1399 to reserve your spot.

Valentine Seance with Joe Giaquinto


Séance by the Lady of the Lake
Age of New Beginnings at the Beach Club Estate
161 Rose Drive
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Saturday February 11, 2017 (Starting at 7:00 PM)

Joe Giaquinto, a psychic-medium and ghost investigator, will host a séance at the historic Beach Club Estate on Saturday evening, February 11 th.

This very energetic haunted location sits right on the lake. The body of water has it’s own ghostly legends. The ‘Lady of the Lake’ myths are the most famous ghost stories. Author and historian, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky wrote about the Lady in Ghosts of Long Island: Stories of the Paranormal.

In a 2012 article, Kerriann wrote: “The most popular story tells of an Indian princess who was deeply in love with a member of her tribe. On the night of the wedding, her husband-to-be was attacked and murdered by a settler. The princess, totally swept away by grief, decided to take her own life by tying rocks to her ankles and walking out to the middle of the lake, where she ultimately drowned. Her body was never found, but her spirit remains and haunts the lake. The legend says the princess was so distraught that, seeking revenge, she vowed to return each year and claim the body of a young virgin male.”

Joe will begin the evening’s event with a guided meditation and prayer. He will also explain how a séance works, including the various styles used both past and present. Joe will then conduct the actual séance. Loved ones in-spirit will be invited to join the circle with messages for their family and friends present at the séance table.

Join us for this fascinating and interactive event!

Cost is $35 per person (pay at the door). The event runs from 7-9:30 pm.
For event reservations:

Your Divine Awakening,Psychic Development

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For heightening your own Connection to Divine Consciousness

With Rev .Norbert Larcher and Priestess Ellen Pellegrino

This is a beautiful time of realizing your own inner knowing, understand new tools to reach higher states of being……Using the Violet Flame….

Connecting to Spirit ,Loved ones and tuning into your gifts.

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