X-The Game Night – Put the Law of Attraction Into Action

The Secret is Out!

Put the Law of Attraction into Action!

X The Game is being introduced Live to Long Island!

XtheGame is more than a game.   It is a powerful communication and relationship tool.  There are eight core elements that make this process work.  They are:
  • The power of attracting what we desire
  • The power of aligning with what we need
  • The power of declaring our intentions
  • The power of storytelling and listening
  • The power of connecting with words and imaginary
  • The power of building community
  • The power of synchronicity
  • The power of creativity and joy

X-TheGame is Being done around the world to focus on Creating your hearts desires.

Have you been looking how to create the reality you always wanted?

Step by Step on how to co-creating attracting what we desire.

As well as aligning with what we need, by declaring our intentions

X The Game - Law of Attraction TONIGHT NEW YEARS SPECIAL          X The Game - Law of Attraction at Spalon


$40.00 per individual per two- one hour session

Call  631-696-6977  for Reservations

X - The Game - Law of Attraction


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