psychic development - age of new beginnings Exercise your Body-Mind-Soul Connection

Age of New Beginnings offers a unique spiritual experience at The Beach Club Estates on Lake Ronkonkoma.    Its a Community Resource for the cutting edge in the latest techniques and information in Spiritual Well  Being.  We have gathered the most talented individuals from the Long Island area who will help you on your  spiritual journey.

Licensed and insured, Our professionals will provide you with the ultimate service at our location, your  home or office.

Create your New Beginning through Spiritual Development, Kabala, Soul Healings, Magnified Healing® Techniques,  Reflective Meditations, Psychic Readings and working with the Law of Attraction.

We enjoy teaching and supporting people to know how special they are, bringing out their soul gifts.  With Lectures, Classes, Workshops, and Go Green Seminars we are able to expand your knowledge in spiritual development.   We bring  you our inner light and abilities.  Age of New Beginnings offers Certifications in various Energetic Arts, some that are not found anywhere else on Long Island.

Other special services include Reflexology, Nutrition, as well as other health oriented modalities;  Hypnotherapy,  Reiki Healing Treatments, Detox Foot Baths,  Integrated Energy Therapy®,  Massages, Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage and much much more.

Dancing to a new You: Yoga, Belly Dancing, Poi Dancing, Drumming, Spirit Dance, Tantra Yoga,   Professional Dance (Ballroom, Waltz, Salsa and Tango ) and so much more.


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