Spiritual and Psychic Development Workshop

Join Us at A Powerful
Spiritual and Psychic Development Workshop
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A weekend seminar to Awaken and Enlighten the Inner You!

November 16th and 17th, 2013


The Aura is a colorful energy surrounding all living things. It is a powerful vibration for both personal and global transformation.

At this weekend seminar you will learn the keys to increasing the Light within your aura, working from your heart outward. Developing this Light will bring you abundant blessings.

SATURDAY-November 16th     (1:00 to 5:00 PM)   


What you will be developing and gaining at today’s Workshop/Seminar

  1. Focus on your Spiritual Journey
  2. Learn the Training Basics
  3. Strengthen your Relationship with the Infinite
  4. Strengthen your Relationship with the Blessed Higher Self
  5. Release fear, blocks, pain – raise your Vibration 
  6. Learning and recognizing – How Do I Love?
  7. Working with Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditation
  8. Experiencing and applying the spiritual chakras

The Quiet, Neutral Mind Shifts Our Inner Reality


The Spiritual Chakras

The first Chakra Group, zero to seven,   

the Physical Chakras, are meant to help you with your development regarding the Earth, the Third Dimension;  


Then, the next five chakras, eight to twelve, help you to become One with the Universe.

SUNDAY-November 17        (1:00 to 5:00 PM) 


What you will be developing and gaining at today’s Workshop/Seminar


Building Your Personal Vision Statement

            Your vision needs to include  

the following seven areas:

Work and career


Lifting fear and energy blocks

Maintaining health and fitness

Improving relationships

Achieving personal goals

Your contribution to the larger community



  1. Key Elements to a Vision Statement
  2. Using These Qualities to Guide Your Thoughts
  3. Working with your Angels, Guides, and Meditation
  4. Creating Your Balanced and Successful Life

The Wrap Up – In White Light

Inter-Dimensional Vibrational Healing™ is the way of the future. This is high-level healing. This workshop gives you a step-by-step process on how to accomplish this. 


Join Ellen Pellgrino and Elizabeth Joyce as they work with you and your essence-making you healthy and beautiful within and without.


Saturday and Sunday

November 16th and 17th, 2013

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm – both days


Beach Club Estates   

Age of New Beginnings Spa

161 Rose Drive

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY


Abundance Exchange:
$150.00 per day
Both days:  $300.00

($275.00 each if TWO of you, or more, register early!)

We will send you a schedule, as well as the choice to join us for lunch before the class, once you have signed up.

Because of Ellen’s personal connection with you, this is the ONLY appearance offered on Long Island. At Omega Institute, the Clear Light Center, or New York’s Expo, this weekend has a $1,500 value.

(See coupon below for special offer for the first 25 to register.)
Book Signing Event Elizabeth Joyce
Ms. Joyce and her teachings have had a life-enhancing impact on thousands of people. She teaches that there is such a thing as emotional rubbish, and it is produced within the living-space of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful in your life. Learn how to separate the useful from the unnecessary, and begin to dispose of your inner waste and toxins. Remember, all of our problems seem very simple once they have been resolved. Elizabeth says. “Never hesitate to weep over ancient sorrows, or to feel the joy of new victories.” She will bring you new teachings that promise to awaken and revitalize your Soul.

WEBSITE   www.new-visions.com

Ellen Pellegrino


Owner of Age of New Beginnings /My New Spalon in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY- located at Beach Club Estates. Ellen is a Reverend, Intuitive, Holistic Energy Healer, and trained Hypnotherapist. Her Hypno-Synigistic work tunes into the age of the individual, is able to locate were the inner pain originated, release it, and help the client to co-create and guide their inner transformation. Ellen always let’s you know that “You are not what you see or feel because…you are better than that. You are Divine!” She will be working her beautiful Goddess Magic throughout the weekend.
To Register
with Paypal
Spiritual and Psychic Development Workshop
Saturday Only $150.00 USD Sunday Only $150.00 USD Both Days $280.00 USD

or Call

Elizabeth Joyce at 215-996-0646
Ellen Pellegrino at 516-924-1399
SAVE $25
If you bring a friend and register early, with your pre-payment check or on one credit card, you each save $25.00. You must bring a Buddy to receive the discount.

The first 25 people who sign up receive “The Chakras and Your Body” guided meditation with Elizabeth Joyce and Richard Shulman FREE!  (This is an MP3 File Download only)

Offer Expires: November 10, 2013

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