7 Chakra Meditation Clearing

Every Tuesday from 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Exchange of $25.00 will experience a beautiful Meditation as well as a Healing!


Why Meditation, you ask? Simply because you asked; and The Universe responded. Most people will not understand this, but when the time comes it will make perfect sense. I will try to explain. I always found myself searching. Something in my life was missing. Later, I found out through Meditation. I mean by really going into my mind. I could identify with myself clearly, I was so much more focused, and there was a calmness and clarity that I have never felt before. It made me forget about everything but myself, and my personal growth. This had set off the sparks that I needed to be where I am at this moment right now.
When I had said before you all asked for meditation and not even realized it. What I mean by that is some, most, or everyone has asked somewhere in their lifetime: What’s my purpose in life? Who am I? Why is this happening to me?

Because, my friends, there is a design for everything we see and understand: it’s called Universal Law. Everything in our Universe is made up of Vibrational Energy. Once you send out your needs, and not your wants, somehow, someway, the design becomes reality.
What if we could show you a way to totally change your life and also spark the fire so that your life can actually be what it’s supposed to? Right now your life is the way it is simply because your sending negative energy out into the Universe and the Universe is giving you what you’re asking for. It’s unintentional, but you’re not aware of what you’re doing to yourself and others around you. You can break that cycle, and make it positive, by sending out these new and empowering vibrations, and start seeing new results in your life and the people you love.
Meditation and the true alignment of your Higher Self is the only way you can make this life-changing discovery. The only reason you haven’t seen this powerful life tool is because you’re taught to be someone else, and not your true Higher Self. What I mean by that is, society as a whole has changed your design. You’re taught to worry, fear, hate, show anger, and live as if there is only your past or wondering what is in your future. Instead of living life, at this time, at this moment, right now.

There are seven Chakras in our bodies. Once these 7 are in perfect alignment, you become your true Higher Self. How do you get them aligned? Simple; through meditation you can open up each one with vibrational energy. The Guided meditations I teach will show you how. I have set up a picture to show you just where these key points are in you.
Violet–Crown (top of your head)let go of all that attaches you to this earth and surrender yourself
Indigo-Third eye (forehead)let go of what is illusion and realize we are all connected
Blue-Throat (throat)let go of lies and find truth in your life again
Green-Heart (heart)let go of grief and loss and love yourself
Yellow-Solar Plexus (upper stomach)let go of shame accept who you are
Orange-Sacral (lower stomach)let go of all your guilt by forgiving yourself
Red-Base/Root (reproductive area)let go of all fears

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