The Eternal Transmuting Flame of Freedom

March 6th ,2016      SUNDAY  at      3 pm. – 5:30    $30 in Advance $35-door        Call 631-696-3977       for more info


THE ETERNAL TRANSMUTING FLAME OF FREEDOM: The more knowledge I receive on the miraculous transmuting powers of the Violet Consuming Flame, is the more I feel impelled to pass it on in order to spur my readers forward. Let us face it, this is the true knowledge that every child of the light must be armed with since each has to make the Ascension one day. In ancient times, it was only the elite few who possessed this sacred knowledge, and those who sometimes after great sacrifice were permitted entry into the secret mystery schools of learning. In there, they received the teachings. Countless numbers today appear to be more concerned with the things of the material world. They are attached to their TV’s, cell-phones, I-phones, I-pads, computers etc. The people of the world need to be spiritually enlightened and as you may know, there is a great difference between Religion and Spirituality. I need not remind you that only the things of the spirit are lasting and eternal, whereas the things of the material world will pass away. Here is what the Mighty Brother Saint Germain, that Great Ascended Master who rekindled the knowledge of the Violet Consuming Flame has to say. He says: The use of the Violet Consuming Flame is more valuable to the individual and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold, and all the jewels of this planet. God bless you Great One. I appeal to every reader to obtain knowledge on the Violet Consuming Flame, and to begin using it for your present and future betterment. It’s use is also vitally necessary to accelerate each one’s Ascension which remains the ultimate goal
for every child of the light who is here now, or who will be here in the future. I wish each one a great day. With love and light, Humbly, Rev. Norbert Larcher.

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